After graduating from college, and 20 years as a competitive dancer, I accepted a job in Florida and moved to the coast with nothing but three suitcases! In Florida, I used my Blackberry to share my new surroundings and experiences with family back in Omaha, Nebraska. (Blackberry photos below.)

Florida surfer with long brown hair walking across the beach to the ocean
Heron bird perched on a long tree branch over Ponce Inlet in New Smyrna Beach Florida


After 2 years of following my super adventurous boyfriend around with my phone-camera, we were engaged and preparing to move to Michigan after a wedding in our home town. For our anniversary, Ben gave me my first Nikon camera!


Ben and I finally order our passports and start traveling around the world chasing culture and adventure (mostly surf for Ben). I begin documenting our moves and travels on a blog called Freely Mí. This was also the year my photography was published for the first time.


For a few years, I had been applying my photography skills to a career in journalism. While freelancing as a writer and event planner, my photos were used by brands like Virgin Atlantic and Galeries Lafayette Paris, as well as local magazines like Inspired Living and Omaha Magazine. This was the year I started offering personal photography services including weddings, families, portraits and more.


For nearly a decade, I've enjoyed documenting couples, families and businesses as a photojournalist and brand consultant. Ben and I still love traveling as much as we can, and I'm always learning new things! In recent years, I earned my certification in holistic nutrition, learned to play the guitar, snowboard, surf (sorta) and ride a dirt bike. I'm currently working on learning Spanish! In my free time, you can find me creating content for Ben's company FLPSDE or making new recipes for a wellness project!

Your turn! What's your passion?